The program information is of 2021. The 2022 program will be announced in early October.

Xiongnu's bride

Uzume Theater

YPAM FringeJapanTheatreWorld premiere

Date (UTC+9)

12.14 Tue 15:00
12.14 Tue 19:00

Run time
90 mins
Wheelchair support
Wheelchair access


Professional ¥2,000

Audience:General ¥3,000

Audience:Same day ¥3,500

Audience:Student ¥2,000

Uzume Theater 37th Performance Eurasian Nomads Series 2nd leading drama. Around 200 BC, the story of a Han lord who is married to a politically-married Han dynasty and her accompanying eunuch official Zhonghang Yue, set in a horse-riding nomadic Xiongnu who swept North Asia. A reading drama of newly written fiction based on historical facts. Delivered with the sound of khoomei from the Republic of Tuva.

Uzume Theater

Uzume Theater

Established in 1995 by director Peter Goessner in Kitakyushu. The stage creation is developed based on the full-scale theater method by Gesner. Adapted and performed a wide range of plays, from Angura theater to overseas classics and the premiere of contemporary theater. Perform plays in various spaces such as shrine precincts, temple main halls, museums, and beaches. Received the highest award at the 1st Toga Director Competition in 2000. 2007 Moved the base to Tokyo. Many domestic and overseas performances. Sibiu International Theater Festival 2021 "Sand Woman" performance.