The program information is of 2021. The 2022 program will be announced in early October.

Date (UTC+9)

12.1 Wed 19:00-20:00
12.2 Thu 18:00-20:30
12.3 Fri 11:00-20:30
12.6 Mon 15:00-20:30
12.7 Tue 11:00-20:30
12.8 Wed 11:00-20:30
12.9 Thu 11:00-20:30
12.13 Mon 11:00-20:30
12.14 Tue 11:00-20:30
12.15 Wed 11:00-20:30
12.16 Thu 11:00-20:30
12.17 Fri 19:00-20:30
12.18 Sat 19:00-20:30
12.19 Sun 18:00-19:30

Hearing support
Wheelchair support
Wheelchair access
Wheelchair accessible toilet


Professional: Admission free / Exhibitor fee ¥15,000–25,000

Audience ¥1,000/day (¥500 with a proof of residence in Yokohama), at door only

YPAM Exchange will be held at BankART KAIKO and on the hybrid event platform “Swapcard.” Hybrid events are events that are held in duplicate, both in-person and virtually, and attempt to create a comprehensive experience regardless of in-person participation or virtual participation. On Swapcard, you can take part in the event online, exchange with other participants on text or video chat, make appointments for meetings and manage your schedule. Furthermore, by bringing your own mobile device, you can take part in the event in-person while exchanging with the online participants.

YPAM registrants will receive an email invitation to sign in to Swapcard 7-10 days before the YPAM (Dec. 1-19), or within 48 hours of registration after that time. Once signed in, you will be able to edit your account information and prepare for the exchange activities. Since you will be able to interact directly with other participants throughout the year, we will not provide a contact list as in the past.

YPAM registrants are eligible to participate in all the YPAM Exchange programs both in-person or virtually.

  • Talk Sessions (BankART KAIKO / Swapcard): All talk sessions will be held at BankART KAIKO (even if all speakers are virtually attending, you can still participate in the session at the venue) and will be live streamed on Swapcard. If you bring your own mobile device to the venue, you can participate in the session while interacting with online participants. As it is still in an experimental stage, we do not invite applications as we did for “Group Meeting” in the past, but if you are interested in the experimentation, please contact us at
  • Video Showcase (Swapcard): Digital only. This is an on-demand showcase that can be viewed anytime during the exhibition. There will also be special screenings related to the talk sessions. Registratino fee: 15,000 JPY (half price for YPAM Fringe registrants).
  • Virtual Booth Exhibition (Swapcard): Digital only. Exhibitors must be supporters, networks, festivals, venues, or other organizations that provide funding, opportunities, space, etc. for creative activities. Registration fee: 25,000 JPY.
  • Special Streaming (KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Hall / Swapcard): YPAM Direction program, TAIHEN’s trilogy “Wandering Love: Jo-Ha-Kyu (Beginning-Break-Rapid)” will be live streamed on December 17–19, and the archive viewing will be offered until December 31. YPAM registrants can watch the streaming for free and see the performances at the venue for 1,000 JPY per show.
  • Special Program: KAAT Backstage Tour for professionals will be held on Friday December 10th at 13:00. Free of charge, up to 15 people, about 70 minutes. A rare opportunity to look into the facilities and mechanisms of KAAT. Please contact for reservation.

For information on hosting a talk session, video showcase or virtual booth, please see My Page that you can sign in after your professional registration.

Non-professional audience can attend talk sessions in-person (1,000 JPY per day, 500 JPY with a proof of residence in Yokohama, at door only).

Talk Sessions
*Speakers can be added or replaced.
*Each session is 60 to 90 minutes unless specially mentioned.
*Unless specially mentioned, admission free for professional registrants, either in-person (BankART KAIKO) or virtual (Swapcard), and audiences can participate in-person for 1,000 JPY per day (at door, 500 JPY with a certificate of residence in Yokohama).
*Recordings will be available on Swapcard if all the speakers agree after the session (available only for professionals).
*Time below is in UTC+9.
*Live transcription is available in talk and roundtable sessions at YPAM Exchange,
using a software called UD Talk.
Please access the following page to see the transcription (the same URL for all sessions):
Click here to see how to use it.

12.1 Wed

Introduction to Swapcard and this year’s program
Speakers (in-person): YPAM staff
19:00-19:20 - Japanese
19:30-19:50 - English
*In-person attendance admission free also for audiences

12.2 Thu

Opening Reception
*Japanese (with English consecutive interpretation)
*Professionals only

Keynote: International Exchange Seen from the Perspective of the Stateless
Speaker (in-person): Chen Tien-shi (Representative, NPO Stateless Network / Professor, School of International Liberal Studies, Waseda University – Japan)
*Japanese, English and Chinese 

12.3 Fri

Pichet Klunchun and Three Dramaturgs
Coordinated by

Dramaturging Choreography, Orchestrating Dramaturgy
Speakers (virtual): Pichet Klunchun (Choreographer / Dancer – Thailand), Lim How Ngean (Founder, Asian Dramaturgs' Network / Performance Maker / Dramaturg / Dance Researcher – Malaysia / Australia)
*English (with Japanese consecutive interpretation)

Thai is Not Pure
Speakers (virtual): Pichet Klunchun (Choreographer / Dancer – Thailand), Tang Fu Kuen (Dramaturg / Producer / Curator / Artistic Director, Taipei Arts Festival – Singapore / Taiwan), Shane Bunnag (Visual Artist / Filmmaker / Writer – Thailand)
*English (with Japanese consecutive interpretation)

Rama’s Journey toward the Future
Speaker (in-person): Nanako Nakajima (Dance Dramaturg / Dance Researcher – Japan)
Speaker (virtual): Pichet Klunchun (Choreographer / Dancer – Thailand)
*English and Japanese (with consecutive interpretation)

12.6 Mon

ON-PAM Symposium: Thinking from Asia – International Exchange in the Contemporary Performing Arts
Speakers (in-person): Tsunemasa Teramoto (Director, Cultural Economy and International Affairs Division, Agency for Cultural Affairs), Chiaki Soma (Program Director, Theater der Welt 2023 / Board Member, ON-PAM – Japan), Tomoyuki Arai (Moderator – Program Officer, YPAM – Japan)
Speaker (virtual): Kim Seong-Hee (Independent Performing Arts Curator / Project Director of Performing Arts, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea [MMCA])
Co-presented with ON-PAM (Open Network for Performing Arts Management)
*Japanese and Korean

12.7 Tue

Wall Garden project 2022 : Unlearning language to become more human
Speakers (in-person): Akiko Takeshita (Performing Arts + Technology Producer, YCAM – Japan), Clarence Ng Kian Peow (Project / Production Manager, YCAM – Japan)
Speakers (virtual): Lauren Lee McCarthy & Kyle McDonald (Artists – USA)

ARTWAVE Talk: Future Reflections
Speakers (virtual): Pei-Ying Lin (Artist – Taiwan / Netherlands), Chen Yow-Ruu and Au Sow Yee (Artists, HER LAB SPACE – Taiwan / Malaysia), Wen Huang and Yi-kai Kao (Moderators – Project Managers, ARTWAVE, Taiwan)

An Overview of Tokyo Festival and an Introduction to Its New Development Framework: A Platform Connecting to the World through Performing Arts
Speakers (in-person): Kaku Nagashima (Vice General Director, Tokyo Festival / Co-director, Tokyo Festival Farm), Minako Naito (Co-director, Tokyo Festival), Yoshiji Yokoyama (Moderator – Research Director, Tokyo Festival)
*Japanese (with English consecutive interpretation)

12.8 Wed

The Upcoming Challenges of the Circulation of Artists Overseas – Perspectives from International Performing Arts Conferences from Asia-Pacific
Speaker (in-person): Hiromi Maruoka (Director, YPAM – Japan)
Speakers (virtual): Sasapin Siriwanij (Artistic Director, BIPAM – Thailand), Tang Yingqi (Vice President, Center for China Shanghai International Arts Festival), Gilles Doré (International Development Manager, CINARS – Canada)
*English and Japanese (with consecutive interpretation)

ON-PAM Roundtable: Toward a New Partnership with Public Theatres and Halls
Speakers (in-person): Masato Kishi (Executive Director, The Association of Public Theaters and Halls in Japan), Tatsuya Ito (Board Member, ON-PAM / President, Gorch Brothers, Ltd.), Mariko Tsukaguchi (President and Secretary General, ON-PAM)

Performing Arts AiR Meeting: The Possibility of Artist-in-Residence Program at Public Halls and Theaters
Speaker (in-person): Yuhei Sakata (Assistant to the Director and Producer, Miyako Public Hall / Iwate Prefecture Cultural Development Coordinator – Japan), Kana Tsutsumi (Theatre Project Department, Mie Center For the Arts – Japan), Taro Inamura (Program Officer, The Saison Foundation – Japan)
Speakers (virtual): Yoko Kamikuri (Project Leader, Toyohashi Arts Theatre PLAT – Japan), Masashi Nomura (Facilitator – Representative, Zenkoku Shogekijo Network / Nagano Prefecture Cultural Development Coordinator – Japan)

12.9 Thu

ON-PAM Roundtable: Next Producers Meeting in YPAM
Speakers (in-person): Momo Sakamoto (Board Member, ON-PAM / Producer, LOLO and Hanchu-Yuei / Representative Partner, Hanchu-Yuei LLC. / Part-time Lecturer, Department of Scenography Design, Drama, and Dance, Tama Art University – Japan), Akiho Tani (Board Member, ON-PAM / syuz’gen LLC. / Deputy President, NPO Explat / Manager, Tonali-ya – Japan), Joe Ushijima (Freelance Producer), Rin Terada (Production Coordinator / Arts Manager, syuz’gen LLC.), Haruna Matsunami (Arts Manager)
Co-presented with ON-PAM (Open Network for Performing Arts Management)

Roundtable: Link the Places Where People Gather – Invitation from Asian Art Center Link
Speaker (in-person): Macoto Satoh (President, Wakabacho Wharf / Playwright / Director – Japan)
*Japanese (with English consecutive interpretation)

Roundtable: Verbalising One’s Work – In Conversation with Teita Iwabuchi, Michikazu Matsune and Natsumi Sakamoto
Speakers (in-person): Noriko Watanabe (The Art Meets Words Project / Adjunct lecturer, Ritsumeikan University – Japan), Teita Iwabuchi (Choreographer / Dancer, Teita Iwabuchi BODY MAP – Japan)
Speakers (virtual): Michikazu Matsune (Artist – Austria / Japan), Natsumi Sakamoto (Artist – UK / Japan)

12.13 Mon

On Jasmine Town by Yang Zhen
Speakers (in-person): Menno Plukker (Producer – Canada), Yang Zhen (Choreographer – China)
*English (with Japanese consecutive interpretation)

About OLTA’s “Land of the Living”
Speakers (in-person): Jang-Chi and Megu Ninja (OLTA – Japan)

Introducing TURBA: The Journal for Global Practices in Live Arts Curation
Speaker (in-person): Ken Takiguchi (Manager, Setagaya Public Theatre / Part-time Lecturer, Graduate School of Global Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts – Japan)
Speakers (virtual): Roselle Pineda (Artistic Director, Performance Curators Initiatives / Philippines Faculty, Arts Studies, University of the Philippines at Dilman), Jingyi Wang (Independent Performance Creator / Curator – China / Norway), Dena Davida (Managing Editor, TURBA – Canada)

12.14 Tue

Arts Commission Yokohama: Thinking through the U39 Artist Fellowship
Speakers (in-person): Yusuke Satomi (Program Officer, Arts Commission Yokohama, Yokohama Arts Foundation – Japan), Saori Hara (Choreographer / Dancer – Japan)
Speaker (virtual): Yu Araki (Visual Artist – Japan) and more

What is Precog’s New Challenge to “Create Space for Inclusive Performing Arts”?
Speaker (in-person): Mai Hyodo (Chief Producer, Barrier-free communication Division, precog co.,LTD. / THEATRE for ALL Secretariat / Support Program for Arts and Culture Activities of Persons with Disabilities, Secretariat 2021 – Japan), Fumi Hirota (Planning Division, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture – Japan)
Speakers (virtual): Chie Otsuka (Policy Planning Officer for Arts and Culture Activities of Persons with Disabilities, Department of Health and Welfare for Persons with Disabilities, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare – Japan)
*Japanese (with English consecutive interpretation)

The Show Must Go On (and On and On...): On the Regime of Liveness in the Age of Digital Audio
Speakers (in-person): Terre Thaemlitz (Comatonse Recordings – Japan), Tomoyuki Arai (Program Officer, YPAM – Japan)
Speakers (virtual): Marc Schwegler and Remo Bitzi (Editors, V/A – Various Artists – Switzerland)
Co-presented with V/A – Various Artists
*English and Japanese 

12.15 Wed

Asia Is Calling – Asia Connection: Producers Camp
Speaker (in-person): Minako Naito (Director of Project Planning Division, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre – Japan)
Speakers (virtual): Mu Chin (Project Manager, Programming & International Development Department, National Theater & Concert Hall, Taiwan), Nguyen Hai Yen (Red) (Independent Producer – Vietnam)

Crossing the Sea – Setting up a Model for Artists’ Exchanges between Italy and Japan
Speaker (in-person): Yuichiro Yoshida (Program Director, Kinosaki Art Center – Japan)
Speakers (virtual): Cristina Carlini (Project Manager, Crossing the Sea / Marche Teatro – Italy), Velia Papa (Leader Partner, Crossing the Sea / Artistic Director, Marche Teatro), Ginevra Panzetti and Enrico Ticconi (Choreographers / Performers – Italy), Saya Namikawa (konjac LLC / Teatro all’improvviso / Intercultural Coordinator – Japan / Italy)
*English and Japanese (with consecutive interpretation)


12.16 Thu

Roundtable: Performing Arts Publicity Research Group Discusses Public Relations in Collaboration with the Local Community
Speakers (in-person): Eriko Naganuma (Publicity Group, Alios Iwaki Performing Arts Center – Japan), Akiko Ogura (Arts Network Japan / Public Relations, Festival/Tokyo – Japan), Shiro Amemiya (Public Relations, YPAM – Japan)
Speakers (virtual): Ryuichiro Mori (Representative, Nagisato LLC. – Japan)

Roundtable: Some Notes on H for Humidity
Speaker (in-person): Tomoyuki Arai (Program Officer, YPAM – Japan)
Speaker (virtual): Ho Tzu Nyen (Filmmaker / Visual Artist – Singapore)
*English and Japanese

Roundtable: Future Festivals and Audiences
Speakers (in-person): Yoko Kawasaki, Yuya Tsukahara, Juliet Knapp (Co-Directors, Kyoto Experiment)

Video Showcase

*Unless specially noted, these video showcases are accessible on Swapcard until the end of December.

Marnram – Demon Dancer (work-in-progress film)
Shane Bunnag, Pichet Klunchun (Thailand)
*Subtitled in English

Grand Central Hotel
Serge Garcia (USA), Terre Thaemlitz (Japan)
Co-presented with V/A – Various Artists
*Subtitled in Japanese

Critical Dictionary of Southeast Asia
Ho Tzu Nyen (Singapore)
*Subtitled in English, Korean, Norwegian, Chinese and Japanese

The Intermission of No.60
Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay
Pichet Klunchun (Thailand)
*Subtitled in English

Quebec on Stage: Pitch Session
La Otra Orilla, DynamO Théâtre, Compagnie Flak, Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal – BJM, FÔVE diffusion, FLIP Fabrique, Théâtre Incliné, Nadère arts vivants, Art Circulation, RNTF Collective, Production Strada, Théâtre Motus (Canada)

Yokohama Artsite Lounge vol.32: To Support the Culture and Art in the Region
Yokohama Artsite (Japan)

If, a Family Trip
Chen Yow Ruu & Au Sow Yee (Her Lab Space, Malaysia / Taiwan)
*Subtitled in Japanese and English

Pei-Ying Lin (Taiwan / Netherlands)
*Subtitled in Japanese and English

Crossing the Sea Showcase – Italian Performing Arts Going East
Crossing the Sea
Collettivo Cinetico, Dewey Dell, Nicola Galli, Salvo Lombardo, Andrea Costanzo Martini, mk, Ludovico Paladini, Panzetti Ticconi, Sotterraneo (Italy)
*Subtitled in English

Deferred Theatre
siren eun young jung (Korea)
*Subtitled in English

O-Team (Germany)

Makhampom Theater Group (Thailand)

Sokerissa! (Japan)

The Story of the Tower
Hirai-Kikaku and Media Kobo (Japan)

Kuniko Kato (Japan)

The Hand
Hideto Iwai / Hi-Bye (Japan)

Hideto Iwai / Hi-Bye (Japan)

Movers Platform #2
Yokohama Dance Collection
Hiroaki Umeda (Japan)

GAYATRI: The Royal Queen Consort of the Majapahit Kingdom
Mia Johannes (Indonesia)

I/O Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2021 version.
Chiharu Kuronuma & Teruki Okamoto

The Changing Room
Lauren Lee McCarthy

Virtual Booth Exhibition

APAM (Australian Performing Arts Market)
C ARTS | C venues at the Edinburgh Fringe | C digital
CINARS / Quebec on Stage
Crossing the Sea
Dance Base Yokohama
internationale tanzmesse nrw
Japan Center, Pacific Basin Arts Communication
KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre
Kyoto Experiment
ON-PAM (Open Network for Performing Arts Management)
The Association of Public Theaters and Halls in Japan
The Saison Foundation
Yokohama Arts Foundation
Yokohama Artsite