Date (UTC+9)

12.19 Sun 18:00

Run time
70 min
Wheelchair support
Wheelchair access
Wheelchair accessible toilet


Audience ¥3,500
Professional ¥1,000
*The lobby of the Main Hall opens 45 minutes before the show starts.
*The doors open 30 minutes before the show starts.

Ticket Kanagawa
0570-015-415 (10:00–18:00)
The second floor of KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre (10:00–18:00)

*Please contact YPAM Secretariat for wheelchair seats for YPAM Direction.

Audience ¥3,500 (available at ZAIKO)
Professional ¥0 (special streaming on Swapcard)

In 1995, the first edition of TPAM featured two shows, one of which was by the performance troupe TAIHEN (the other was by Bangarra Dance Theatre from Australia). A quarter of a century later, at the first edition of YPAM, TAIHEN’s latest trilogy “Wandering Love: Jo-Ha-Kyu” will be presented in three consecutive nights.

With its philosophical roots in the non-compromising and non-reconciliatory disability liberation movement of the 1970s, TAIHEN has established a unique form of physical theater using leotards as costumes that clearly show the forms of the severely physically disabled. The theme of the trilogy, which was inspired by a mass murder in 2016 at a care home in Sagamihara, Kanagawa, is “love” — a theme that the company had forbidden itself to address for a long time.

The concluding piece Heart and Earth will be premiered this November after three postponements due to the coronavirus problem. Staged in space, it is a science fiction work that questions the future of ever-developing capitalism and the perfection of control society.

Live streaming will also be available. Professional registrants will be able to watch it on Swapcard. Streaming for non-professional audience will be at ZAIKO.

Organizers: Japan Council of Performers’ Rights & Performing Arts Organizations; Kanagawa Kenmin Hall (Kanagawa Arts Foundation); Japan Center, Pacific Basin Arts Communication
Co-organizer: Yokohama International Performing Arts Meeting Executive Committee

Photo by Hikaru Toda


An Osaka-based performance troupe founded in 1983 by Manri Kim, a daughter of Korean classical performer Hong Ju Kim who worked in Japan, after 10 years in an institution and involvement in a radical movement for liberation of the disabled in the 1970s. It is a company with a disabled director and disabled performers that aims to create “unexplored beauty by turning the disabilities of the physically disabled into expressive power” and “physical expression by the physically disabled that can overturn the values of eugenics.” TAIHEN is an anagram of HENTAI (pervert).


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