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YPAM is an international platform that welcomes participation of

The program consists of four categories:

*YPAM Exchange is accessible on the web event platform Swapcard, which lets you take part in sessions remotely, have meetings with participants who are not physically present, and exchange mutually as with social networking apps.

*YPAM Direction and YPAM Joint Program will stream one show each. The online accessibility of YPAM Fringe is to be confirmed (registration is open until November 15).

Participation can take these forms:

Register as a Professional Participant

In order to register as a professional participant, it is necessary firstly to set up a free Professional Account and secondly to register for each edition of YPAM.

1. Set Up a Professional Account

In order to register as a professional at YPAM, you need to set up a Professional Account. This account is free to set up and will remain active year-round.

*For people who participated in YPAM2021, a Professional Account has already been created. You can sign in using your YPAM2021 ID and password.

Click here to set up your Professional Account

2. Registration

Once you have set up a Professional Account, you can register for YPAM2022 from the My Page of your account.

Registration Fee

3. What is Offered to a Professional Registrant

In-person + OnlineOnline *1
YPAM ExchangeParticipate both in-person and on Swapcard (no additional charge)Participate on Swapcard (no additional charge)
Virtual Booth exhibitor registration
Seminar / Roundtable host registration
(charged additionally)
YPAM DirectionPurchase professional tickets on the YPAM websiteProfessional tickets are not available
See and attend «A Notional History» and related talks at the venue (charged additionally) or on Swapcard (no additional charge)See and attend «A Notional History» and related talks on Swapcard (no additional charge)
YPAM Joint Program *2Availability of discounts varyProfessional tickets are not available
YPAM Fringe *3Availability of discounts varyProfessional tickets are not available
Register a show that will be presented in the Yokohama-Kanagawa area during YPAM (charged additionally)

*1 If you intend to register as an “Online” participant and to attend shows in-person, please purchase audience tickets.
*2 «indivisible substance» by Hiroaki Umeda is accissibe both in-person and online.
*3 The call for applications closed on November 15. There are no registrations for online performances.

The Swapcard event site opened on November 18. You will receive an email with your login within 48 hours of registration. Learn how to use Swapcard here.

4. How to Purchase Professional Tickets

You can log in to the Ticket Purchasing Account from the My Page of your Professional Account. The ID and Password are the same as for your Professional Account.


Take Part as an Audience

1. How to Purchase Audience Tickets

In order to purchase tickets for YPAM Direction, YPAM Joint Program and YPAM Fringe performances, please set up a Ticket Purchasing Account (free, year-round).

*If you registered as an audience member for YPAM2021, you can use the same login details to access your Ticket Purchasing Account.

Click here to set up your Ticket Purchasing Account


2. Take Part in YPAM Exchange

Some programs of YPAM Exchange are acceissible for 1,000 JPY (500 JPY for residents in Yokohama, adress proof required). Please refer to the information of each program.

1. Information Desk

We will be providing information about YPAM programs and distributing YPAM Pass and booklets to professionals. If you have any questions during the exhibition, please stop by. Information desk locations vary depending on the day.

12.1 Thu. Close  
12.2 Fri. 12:00-18:00 @BankART KAIKO
12.3 Sat. 11:00-19:00 @BankART KAIKO
12.4 Sun. Close 
12.5 Mon. Close 
12.6 Tue. 10:30-17:30 @The Cantonese Club
12.7 Wed. 10:30-17:30 @The Cantonese Club
12.8 Thu. 10:30-17:30 @The Cantonese Club
12.9 Fri. 11:00-18:00 @BankART KAIKO
12.10 Sat. 10:00-18:00 @BankART KAIKO
12.11 Sun. 11:00-17:00 @BankART KAIKO
12.12 Mon. Close 
12.13 Tue. Close 
12.14 Wed. 14:00-19:00 @BankART KAIKO
12.15 Thu. 14:00-19:00 @BankART KAIKO
12.16 Fri. 11:00-19:00 @BankART KAIKO
12.17 Sat. 11:00-19:00 @BankART KAIKO
12.18 Sun. 12:00-18:00 @BankART KAIKO

2. YPAM Fringe Center

Hours of operation (normal)

Mon–Wed 13:00–18:00
Thu–Sat 13:00–21:00
*Subject to change depending on the season and events; open daily including Sundays during YPAM.

Hours of operation (during YPAM2022)

Thu Dec 1 - Sun Dec 11 13:00–21:00
Thu Dec 12 – Sat Dec 10 13:00–23:00
Sun Dec 11 13:00–19:00 *Closing time changed from 23:00 to 19:00
For more information, please click here.

3. Late Night Meeting Point

Hours of operation

Thu Dec 1 – Sun Dec 11 21:00–1:00 the following day
*Close at 2:00 on Fri and Sat
For more details, click here.

3. Official Hotels

Yokohama Sakuragicho Washington Hotel

*Registered YPAM2022 participants, please check the information on My Page and make your reservation.

Richmond Hotel Yokohama Bashamichi (Reservation page)

Toyoko Inn Kannai

Toyoko Inn Sakuragicho

HOTEL MYSTAYS Yokohama Kannai

We look forward to seeing you soon!