Sounds and Space in Affection

Ami Yamasaki, Shohei Amimori + Hideki Umezawa + Tomoko Hojo, Marginal Consort, Shojiki, Aki Onda (guest performer: Manami Kakudo)

YPAM FringeJapanMusicPerformanceSound art

Date (UTC+9)

12.5 Sun 18:00
12.11 Sat 18:00
12.18 Sat 16:30

Run time
12.5 Sun 60-90 min / 12.11 Sat 180 min / 12.18 Sat 60-90 min
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Professional: One-time ticket ¥1,000
Professional: Three-time ticket ¥2,500 (for watching all the three shows)

Audience: One-time ticket ¥2,000
Audience: Three-time ticket ¥5,000 (for watching all the three shows)

12.5 Sun – Ami Yamasaki, Shohei Amimori + Hideki Umezawa + Tomoko Hojo: Spatial Training
12.11 Sat – Marginal Consort
12.18 Sat – Shojiki, Aki Onda: Reflections and Repercussions (guest performer: Manami Kakudo)

Perhaps we have never heard the sound itself. When we listen, not only the room acoustics including reverberation, absorption and attenuations or the elements that contribute to expression including the setting, lighting and visuals, but also the infrastructure, bodies and natural phenomena are all closely related to what we hear. We present a variety of “expanded music” by artists who focus on the process of weaving these complex phenomena together.

Ami Yamasaki
Photo by Michael Smith-Welch

Ami Yamasaki

A vocalist and cross-media artist. With her primal vocals and movements, she explores possibilities of a deeper understanding towards the mechanism of the world. Inspired by quantum mechanics, she develops a collaboration with scientists. Ways of Telling (Tokyo Shibuya Koen-dori Gallery, 2021), KYOTO STEAM 2022 (Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum), JAPAN. BODY_PERFORM_LIVE (PAC, Milan, 2022), ACC Fellowships (2017). Collaborator: Michael Smith-Welch.

Shohei Amimori
Photo by Mayumi Hosokura

Shohei Amimori

Born in Tokyo in 1990. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Composition. Earned a Masters degree from Tokyo University of Arts, Graduate School of Music. He has been active in various forms of expression such as releasing original albums under his own name, and has also expanded his activities in the pop music scene by composing and arranging for Taeko Onuki and DAOKO and other many musicians. He has also produced music for many TV programs, commercials, and video works. His representative musical works include PataMusic (noble, 2018).

Hideki Umezawa
Photo by Wei Chen

Hideki Umezawa

Hideki Umezawa is an artist working with a diverse range of formats, his work is based on a prelinguistic sense of perception in the environment and an interest in the complexity of natural phenomena. He has presented his work at Ina-GRM (France) and carried out an artist-in-residence program at EMS Stockholm. He has participated in exhibitions in Paris, Dublin, and in 2021 he will participate in Thailand Biennale Korat 2021. He has received a number of awards, including Presque Rien Prize 2015.

Tomoko Hojo
Photo by David Toop

Tomoko Hojo

Tomoko Hojo is an artist working within the fluidities between Sound, Music and Performance. Since 2018, she develops projects around Yoko Ono in Tokyo and London, based upon the theme that makes (womenʼs) silenced voices audible in the history. Recent activities: Solo Exhibition “Fall Asleep” (Electromuseum, Moscow, 2021), Solo Concert in the frame of Music From Japan Festival 2021 (Scandinavian House, New York, 2021), Saitama Triennale (Saitama, Japan, 2020).

Marginal Consort (Kazuo Imai, Tomonao Koshikawa, Kei Shii, Masami Tada)

Marginal Consort (Kazuo Imai, Tomonao Koshikawa, Kei Shii, Masami Tada)

Marginal Consort is a Japanese collective founded by members of East Bionic Symphonia, an outfit assembled from students of Takehisa Kosugi’s class at the Bigaku School of Aesthetics in Tokyo in the 1970s. Current participants are Kazuo Imai, Tomonao Koshikawa, Kei Shii, and Masami Tada, who do not meet and do not discuss anything before their performances. The start and end times are the only fixed elements, usually lasting three hours, of a performance by the players with different handmade acoustic and electronic instruments spread out across the performance space, inviting the audience to walk around and take any position. Their records together have been released by P.S.F., Ftarri and PAN.



“SHOJIKI” is the duo of Muku Kobayashi and Mitsuru Tokisato. It was formed in 2016, with the concept of playing honestly as much as possible. They are known for performing with colorful curing tapes and electronic motors. In 2018, they released a cassette tape KB on Basic Function. They received an Honorary Mention at Ars Electronica in 2019.

Aki Onda
Photo by Maki Kaoru

Aki Onda

Aki Onda is a composer, performer and visual artist. His works are often catalyzed by and structured around memories — personal, collective, historical — such as his widely-known project Cassette Memories. Reflections and Repercussions is a multi-media performance exploring the interplay among luminosity, acoustic, and architectural relationships within the space. Performing with various types of lightning equipment and composing the visual and aural as a total environment. 

Manami Kakudo
Photo by Tatsuya Hirota

Manami Kakudo

With her voice, various percussion instruments, language, and daily objects she finds in her surroundings, Kakudo produces music filled with playfulness. The forms of her works can be not only sound performances but also sound installations and works in socially engaged art projects which she presents internationally. She released her most recent album oar focusing on her song writing on Universal Music Japan in 2022.