YPAM program officer speaking at Singapore Art Museum

Ho Tzu Nyen’s exhibition “Time & the Tiger” is currently on view at the Singapore Art Museum. YPAM’s program officer Tomoyuki Arai and saxophonist Soon Kim will speak in the session on “music” in a related talk event focusing on “music,” “time” and “cinema” on Saturday, March 2.


Arai took part in the creation processes of Ho’s «Hotel Aporia» (Aichi Triennale 2019), «Voice of Void» (collaboration with Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM] in 2021, of which work in progress was presented at TPAM2021) and «T for Time» (2023). YPAM (TPAM at that time) also invited Ho’s «One or Several Tigers» in 2018 and co-produced and invited «The Mysterious Lai Teck» in 2019.

The “Time & the Tiger” exhibition is going to travel to museums in different places. Meanwhile, the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo will open Ho’s solo exhibition, “A for Agents,” on Saturday, April 6. Works to be shown include «One or Several Tigers», which was critically acclaimed at TPAM2018, and the new work, «T for Time».