Registration / Tickets

YPAM is an international platform that welcomes participation of

The program consists of four categories:

The next edition will be held from Thursday December 1 to Sunday 18, 2022.

YPAM Exchange will take place both in-person and online via the web platform Swapcard.

Please wait for the release of the YPAM Program at the beginning of October 2022 regarding the availability of online performances of YPAM Direction and YPAM Joint Program.

We cannot accept registration of online-only performances for YPAM Fringe.

Please see below for information about how to register and purchase tickets.

Information for Professional Participants

In order to register as a Professional Participant, it is necessary firstly to set up a free online Professional Account and secondly to pay the registration fee.

Professional Account Set-up

In order to register as a Professional at YPAM, you need to set up an online Professional Account. This account is free to set up and will remain active year-round.

*For people who participated in YPAM2021, a Professional Account for YPAM2022 has already been created for you. You can sign in using the same ID and Password as your YPAM2021 Professional Account.

Click here to set up your Professional Account


Once you have set up a professional account, you can register for YPAM2022 from the My Pagein your account.

※Unless you are registering a performance as part of YPAM Fringe, please wait until the release of the YPAM Program at the start of October before registering.

There are two categories of registration: “In-person + Online” and “Online Only.”

1.In-person + Online

Registration fee: 5,500 JPY

2.Online Only

Registration fee:3,300 JPY

Registration Deadline: Saturday December 17, 2022

What can you do with your registration?

  In-Person + Online
(5,500 JPY)
Online Only
(3,300 JPY)
Additional Fees
YPAM Exchange Attend YPAM Exchange In-person Y N None
Attend YPAM Exchange Online Y Y None
Virtual Booth Exhibitor Registration (subject to approval) Y Y TBA
Video Showcase Registration Y Y TBA
Seminar / Roundtable Registration Y Y TBA
YPAM Fringe YPAM Fringe Performance Registration Y Y 13,200 – 33,000 JPY
YPAM Direction
YPAM Joint Program
YPAM Fringe
Purchase Professional Tickets for Performances Y N *Price differs depending on performance

*The availability and discount rates of Professional Tickets differ depending on each performance. Audience Tickets (general admission) can be purchased for all performances. For more information on ticket pricing please check the YPAM website after the release of the YPAM Program in October 2022.

Register to host Virtual Booth Exhibition, Video Showcase, Seminar / Roundtable

Information to be released soon.

YPAM Fringe Performance Registration

Please visit this page.

How to purchase Professional Tickets

You can log in to the Ticket Purchasing Account from the My Page of your Professional Account. The ID and Password are the same as for your Professional Account.

*You can access the Ticket Purchasing Account from October.
*If you have not registered, you can purchase Audience Tickets at general admission prices using a Ticket Purchasing Account. See “Information for Audiences (purchase tickets)” below for details.

Registration Schedule

What When Extra Info
Professional Account Set-up Open: Monday August 1 You can set it up anytime after August 1. Professional Account set-up does not close.
YPAM2022 Registration Open: Monday August 1
Close: Wednesday December 17
Unless you are registering a performance as part of YPAM Fringe, please wait until the release of the YPAM Program at the start of October before registering.
YPAM Fringe Performance Registration Open: Monday August 1
Primary Deadline: Thursday September 15
Secondary Deadline: Tuesday November 15
Any registrations after the primary deadline will not be printed in the YPAM Fringe program book but will only be on the website.
Program Release and Ticket Sales Early October Please register as a professional participant after checking out the program.
Ticket Purchasing Account Set-up Open: Early October You can register anytime after this date. Ticket Purchasing Account set-up does not close.
Virtual Booth Exhibitor Registration Open: Early October
Close: Early-Mid November
Offered in YPAM Exchange
Seminar / Roundtable Registration
Video Showcase Registration
Swapcard Login Available in Mid-late November
YPAM2022 From Thursday December 1 to Sunday December 18

*Any changes to this schedule will be announced on the News page of the YPAM Website. We will also notify any Professional Account holders with direct updates via email.

Information for Audiences (purchase tickets)

In order to buy tickets for YPAM Direction, YPAM Joint Program and YPAM Fringe performances, please make a Ticket Purchasing Account (free, year-round).

*Ticket Purchasing Account registration will open at the beginning of October.
*If you registered as an audience member for YPAM2021, you can use the same login details to access your Ticket Purchasing Account.
*Tickets to some YPAM Fringe performances may not be available via the Ticket Purchasing Account. In this case, please check the ticket sales information of each performance.

Please wait for the release of the YPAM program in early October about attending YPAM Exchange events.

Information Desk

The opening hours and location of the YPAM Information Desk will be announced soon.

Fringe Center

We are planning to open a new YPAM Fringe Center in October 2022. More details will be released soon.

We look forward to seeing you soon!